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Cyber Security Summer Camp 2017

Hello guys, In this blog post that I will be trying to tell you about Cyber Security Summer Camp. This year, the number of candidates reached 3500+ on average, and only just 25-30 students joined to this cyber summer camp

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How to Block Malicious Address by Using Feed Service?

About Author This article is written by İbrahim UÇAR and it could shared without permission of owner’s while reference his name. If you wish to contact with me, please follow below links. [email protected]

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Environment Variables on Linux Based Systems.

Hi guys In this blog post, I will be trying to tell you which is about what is the environment variables and how to create on linux/unix based systems. I just learned and I thought that I should write a

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How to Build Package in Linux Based Systems.

Introduction I will explain how to prepare a Debian package that all linux users can understand in this article. Debian based Linux systems although there is a huge package repository, sometimes it may be necessary to install a package which

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How to Setup IPsec VPN on pfSense 2.3?

What is IPsec VPN? IPsec ( Internet Protocol Security ) protocol, It is a suite of protocols that secure IP communication by authenticating and encrypting IP packets. With IPsec VPN, organizations can create a communication infrastructure by linking branches in

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Howto : Setup PPTP (Point to Point Protocol) VPN on pfSense 2.2.6

Today, I’ll tell you how to setup PPTP VPN on pfSense 2.2.6. After you setup the PPTP vpn, we’ll give an username and password to our colleague and he can connect to our network from remote. Sometimes, we may need

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How to Setup Failover in pfSense.

Hello guys Today, I’ll show you how to setup failover in pfsense. Using failover configuration, when your gateway is disabled, another gateway will be active automatically. Actually, if a gateway is disabled in pfsense, another active gateway will quickly be

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How to Extract Archives [tar|gz|bz2|rar|zip|7z|tbz2|tgz|Z]

Hello guys, This is a practice blog post, where I am going to tell how to unpack and uncompress the most popular [tar|gz|bz2|rar|zip|7z|tgz|Z] types of archives from the Linux command line. You can see how to open many compressed file

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