Cyber Security Summer Camp 2017

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In this blog post that I will be trying to tell you about Cyber Security Summer Camp. This year, the number of candidates reached 3500+ on average, and only just 25-30 students joined to this cyber summer camp and this year the camp occurred in Turkey of VAN city. The students who had an opportunity to get free training for 7 days from the experienced cyber security experts of BGA.

This year, I joined to this cyber security camp as a teacher which was an awesome thing for me. What I learned and practiced at cyber security summer camp. Well here are the topics that we learned and practiced about them.

  • Network Security,  DOS/DDOS,  Penetration Testing,  Wireless Security/Hack,  Web Security, and more.

Well, it was an education about cyber security and we had the chance to do practice about real hacking scenarios and taking some advice from the teachers that from his experiences. While studying all days of the week, at the same time we did some nice activities with the students. These activities were like visit the van, van breakfast, also we had awesome times and got nice friendships.

If you want to reach details of cyber summer camp, write #SiberKamp hashtag on the twitter.

For more information about this camp,  your questions, teachers, companies, etc check the links below.


Here are some amazing photos of cyber summer camp.

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